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Product measures:

Bust circumference: 104-116-130 cm Whole length: 45-45-50 cm
Knitting gauge:
1 report of pattern knit size S and L= 13 cm 1 report of pattern knit size M = 15 cm Needles:

80 cm circular needle size 5 and 7 mm 40 cm circular needle 5 and 7 mm

Double pointed needles for rib size 5 mm (you can use a circular needle, but then the rib will have to be sewn together afterwards).


Fluff from Hipknitshop
Colour 1 (base colour for stripes and rib): 150-150-200 grams of Blooming Lilac Colour 2 (stripe colour): 100-100-150 grams of Lemon
Colour 3: 100-100-150 grams of snow


Summerbreeze Sweater- English version

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